Ukrainian Religious Studies

Electronic version

Bulletin of the Ukrainian Association of Researchers of Religion

and Religious Studies Department

of G.S.Scovoroda Philosophy Institute

of Natinal Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

approved by State Accreditation Commission of Ukraine as periodical professional journal on specialty 09.00.11 – Religious Studies on the profile “philosophical science”, “historical science” and “socialogical science”

Founded: 1996

Problems: coverage of the history and theory of religion

Certificate of registration: KB № 2057 from 16.07.1996

Field of science: philosophical, historical, sociological science

Frequency: 4 times a year

Language: Ukrainian

Founder: Ukrainian Association of Reseachers of Religions

Editor in Chief: Anatoliy Kolodnyy, Ph.D.

Executive Secretary:Pavlo Pavlenko, Ph.D.

Editorial Board Members: 
A.Aristova, Ph.D.
L.Vyhovskyy, Ph.D.
H.Hoffmann, Ph.D. (Poland)
K.Elbakyan, Ph.D. (Russia)
V.Klymov, Ph.D.
H.Nadtoka, Ph.D.
P.Panchenko, Ph.D.
O.Sagan, Ph.D.
R.Sitarchuk, Ph.D.
N.Stokolos, Ph.D.
O.Utkin, Ph.D.
L.Fylypovych, Ph.D.
V.Shevchenko, Ph.D.
P.Yarotskyy, Ph.D.

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